Call Of Duty Ghost: – The Game Next To Reality

codhack“Call of duty ghost “is the most popular video game which is considered as the best video game till now. It is a multi-player shooting game. It is developed by the company Infinity Ward Raven Software, Treyarch and Nero soft and the game is published by Activision. The game lovers are a fan of the game because it involves first person shooing experience. The game can be played on the Microsoft windows and also released on the playstation 3 of Microsoft Windows.

About The Game

The game will start after assault on America where players can take their characters of unusual fighters which are also known as ghosts. After the original attack after ten years players will find different attacks by forces on weaker nations and disintegrate the military of the country completely. The bits and pieces of the other operational forces create a single force after joining together and is known as ghosts. Ghosts are the soldiers’ groups having a real conviction of saving their country and they do this by delivering it from the external forces’ hands. Ghosts are willing to do anything to save their nation what is left. The thing that makes this video game apart from others is a dog soldier, which military will use to their full advantage. The dog soldier spot explosives, which are implanted by the enemies. This canine is of great help to the military. Besides being in the fighting and war the soldiers have to take care of their most valuable soldier their canine friend.

This is one of the most popular game which is ideal for video game lovers. The graphics of the games are amazing and you will have a great fun playing this game. The developers have tried to create a game that is next to reality and they have been successful in doing this.



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    cool aimbot :) and prestige levels

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    Hack Cod Ghost works

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